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Connecting you holistically to nature's bounty of minerals and exquisitely scented plant extracts. Let us relax your mind, restore your internal balance and awaken your natural beauty.

Select one of our SPA Services to view details and pricing information. Flagler & Volusia County Residents Special Rates, 10% discount on all prices listed on this menu Monday thru Friday.


Reflexology $45
Swedish Massage $80
Pre & Post Natal $85

The manipulation of points on the hands and feet to unblock pathways in the energy meridians reducing stress throughout the body.

30 minutes

Extended Relfexology
60 min - $78

Long soothing strokes will gently improve your circulation and release muscle tension, resulting in deep relaxation and fluidity of movement.

60 minutes

Extended Swedish $110
90 minutes

A massage specifically designed to alleviate physical discomfort during and after pregnancy.

60 minutes

Not recommended in the first or third trimester.


Deep Tissue Massage $95
Japanese Hot Stone Therapy $110
Couples Massage $156

This more aggressive form of massage works deep into the neuromuscular system employing techniques such as shiatsu and trigger points. This therapeutic treatment can relieve pain associated with chronic patterns of tension and arthritic conditions.

60 minutes

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Warm polished Basalt Lava Stones are incorporated into an energy balancing massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles and relieve stress.

60 minutes


A massage becomes an intimate experience when shared with you and your partner and it leaves you more of the day to enjoy together

60 minutes

Swe-Thai Massage $125 Lomi Lomi $85 Watsu "water shiatsu" $135

Combines the Eastern methods of yoga-style passive stretching with rythmic compressions, accupressure and forearm techniques to increase flexibility while relieving tension. Swe-Thai massage not only calms the mind and nervous system, it balances the body's energy.

80 minutes

A unique rythmic Hawaiian massage which circulates large volumes of blood and lymph through the body. The therapists flowing movements, using hands and forearms brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This treatment will help to cleans toxins and promote a feeling of improved health and well being.

A unique aquatic massage treatment conducted in our heated mineral pool (92-96°). Massage, accupressure and stretching are applied in a bouyant, rythmic movement. The benefits of warm water with the freedom of floating creates a modality that releases tension and clears meridians for free energy flow and an overall sense of well being.

75 min

*Reiki and Cranio sacral available upon request.
Body Treatments
Salt Glow/Body Polish $50
Phyto Marine
Therapy Wrap
Body Treatment

Sea Salt blended with
essential oils gently rubbed
into the skin for a complete exfoliation, leaves skin soft
and luminous.

25 minutes

Sea mud from the most pristine deep ocean waters and fertile marine wetlands of French Brittany infuse the body with nutrients and minerals that stimulate cell regeneration. This is a slimming detoxifying treatment that will improve skin tone and contour.

50 minutes
Essential oils, seaweed and vegetal extracts are combined in a warm fragrant body mask that deeply hydrate and nourish. A soothing relaxing treatment which will leave your skin supple & silky.

50 minutes

Aloe Vera Lavender Wrap $80
Back Facial $80
One of Cleopatra's beauty ingredients was reputed to be aloe vera. This wrap, with banana leaves and fresh aloe, is refeshing, cooling, healing treatment - perfect for skin over exposed to the sun's damaging rays, menopausal temperature variations, or post-celebratory relief.

45 minutes



A stress releasing treatment which revitalizes your back and shoulders includes cleansing extractions, exfoliation and application of a rich marine mud which detoxifies and adds nutrients to the skin

60 minutes

Lip & Chin
$22 & up
$35 & up




Hands and Feet



Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
Salon Pedicure
Salon Manicure
Parafin Enhancement

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Le Grande Classique Facial $135
Hydralessence Facial $110
Alpha Vital Facial $110
A deep pore cleansing facial consisting of a thorough analysis of the skin, exfoliation, cleansing, toning and massage. This restorative treatment is designed for everyone including the most
demanding or fragile complexions.

80 minutes

This long lasting deep hydration facial delivers luxurious skin suppleness. The perfect facial to heal and soothe skin stressed by sun, wind, or cold weather.

80 minutes

A cell renewal treatment which gives the skin a soft youthful appearance. Using solely organically sourced AHA and BHA from fresh fruits and plants. This is a non abrasive treatment.

80 minutes

Alpha Vital Series of 6 $550

Gentleman's Facial $95
Eye Contour Treatment $45
Hydra Flash Facial $45
A treatment especially designed to soothe the often neglected needs of men's skin.

50 minutes


An instant fountain of youth for the delicate eye contours, addressing virtually every eye area concern including dark circles, puffy eye lids and skin tone around the eyes.

30 minutes

Add onto Facial $30

A hydrating pick me up, this delightfully scented mask visibly brightens the complexion. A fast and efficient facial.

30 minutes

Moor Mud Facial $95
Optimizer $125

Moor mud is well known for its restorative properties. It enriches the skin with minerals, trace elements, phytohormones, amino acids, enzymes, and essential surface oils. This versatile facial mask will also remove excess surface oils, exfoliate, detoxify and tighten enlarged pores. It will effectively treat and reduce the risk of occasional blemishes

60 minutes

This facial will achieve your most youthful appearance. It is deeply firming and lifting. The key steps are a botanical steam compress, brushing hydro-peel, toning massage and application of a triple clay and nut butter mask.

80 minutes


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All packages include spa cuisine lunch and use of heated mineral pool.

Radiance $150
Tranquility $265
Harmony $330
4 hours
Choose two of three treatments
Organic Customized Facial
Swedish Massage
Spa Manicure and Pedicure

4 hours
Salt Glow or Body Polish
Seaweed or Marine Mud Wrap
Swedish Massage
Organic Customized Facial
6 hours
Salt Glow or Body Polish
Seaweed or Marine Mud Wrap
Swedish Massage
Organic Customized Facial
Spa Manicure and Pedicure
Couples Spa Package $285
Couples massage, Couples Champagne Spa Pedicure, Spa Robes, & Lunch Overlooking the Ocean
Radiance Plus $215

5 hours
Organic Customized Facial
Swedish Massage
Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure

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Notice of a cancellation or rescheduling must be received 24 hours in advance.
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services cancelled. All no shows without notice will be charged full value.

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Gift Certificates are available for all of our services.
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